DIY Mommy + Mini Me Rainbow Clutches

These diy, no-sew rainbow clutches are the perfect accessories for you and your mini me. They can hold your phone, keys, money, driver's license, credit card, lipstick & more! The mini version can hold coins and tiny toys. My daughter loves to hold her mini Tsum Tsums in hers.

                                                      *Not pictured: fabric glue, pen


1. Cut out all your rainbow pieces out of your felt. You'll need 2 of the pink half circles.

2. Glue rainbow pieces together using fabric glue- yellow on top on pink, orange on top of yellow, etc.

3. Glue zipper* (right side facing up) along the straight edge of the pink felt using fabric glue, make sure your zipper is closed. Once you're finished gluing the zipper to one of the pink felt pieces, repeat the same process on the other pink piece of felt.
* Use the 7'' zipper for the large clutch & 4" zipper for the small clutch.

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