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DIY Coco-Inspired Sugar Skull Earrings

I am super excited about the release of  Disney Pixar's Coco, in theaters November 22. It is absolutely breathtaking and visually stunning. Seriously, the trailer gives me chills! I made these fun sugar skull earrings to wear when I see the movie. You won't believe how easy it is to make!
Stuff You'll Need: - air dry clay - skull template - pairing knife - skewer - earring hoops - pliers - markers (not pictured)
Simply flatten your air dry clay. Place skull template on the clay and carefully cut around it with your paring knife. Poke a hole at the top on each skull with a skewer. Allow skulls to air dry completely for at least 24 hours.
Once your skulls are dry, draw on features with your markers.

Attach skulls to earring hoops. Use your pliers to adjust as needed.

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