DIY Felt Ice Cream Truck Quiet Board

I'm constantly finding new ways to entertain my little tot while I try to get work done. This adorable felt ice cream truck quiet board will keep the little ones busy, plus they can work on their counting skills, colors and building skills. And remember, felt naturally sticks to itself so the fun never ends!

Stuff You'll Need:

- a 20" x 15" foam board
- scissors
- box cutter
- hot glue glue
- white felt
- felt in assorted colors for your truck accessories and ice cream treats



Cut out an ice cream truck canopy, window, truck divider & wheels out of felt (in your choice of colors).

Glue all the above onto your felt-covered board using your hot glue gun.

Create your ice cream treats! This is the fun part and the possibilities are endless.
Here's Emma's "Menu" of ice cream treats I've made:

happy creating!

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