DIY Watermelon Wall Hooks

These bright and quirky watermelon wall hooks are a great storage option for any child's (or adult's) room, plus they make fun wall decor! They are also easy to make!

Stuff You'll Need:
- Ikea "GRUNDIAL" towel hooks ($3.99 for a set of 2)
- Loctite "GO 2 Glue"
- Hardwood
- 2 1/2" Hole Saw
- Miter Saw
- Palm Sander
- Target "Handmade Modern" Paints in green, black & pink ($1.99 per bottle)
- Paint Brush

Let's Play!

1. With your 2 1/2" hole saw, cut out a circle.
2. Cut circle in half.
3. Sand wood with palm sander.
4. Glue your half circle/ watermelon wedge to one hook and allow to dry for 2 hours.
5. Paint watermelon details and allow to dry completely until hanging on walls. 

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