DIY Pixar Ball-Inspired Trinket Boxes

I'm always looking for creative ways to organize Emma's toys. She likes to collect those tiny Tsum Tsum figurines and half the time I find them scattered all over the living room floor. I found these plain wooden boxes at Michael's. They're inexpensive ($2/box), small and they have a star cut-out in the wood. I immediately thought of painting them like the Pixar Luxo ball. Not only are they super cute, they're functional as well. They fit perfectly on Emma's "Toy Story" shelf. She also loves putting her toys in the boxes.

- wooden boxes (Michael's)
- acrylic paint in yellow, red and blue
- paint brushes

Simply paint the boxes so it resembles the Luxo ball. This may take a couple coats. Allow paint to dry completely before using.

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