DIY No-Sew Taco Clutch

This diy, no-sew taco clutch is the ultimate Cinco De Mayo or Taco Tuesday accessory. It can hold your keys, money, driver's license, credit card, lipstick & more! Olé!

Stuff You'll Need:
- scissors
- glue gun
- 16' zipper
- yellow, red, brown, orange & green felt

1. Cut out all your "taco fixings" out of your felt:
Taco Shell- 6'' in diameter circle
Lettuce- 7' in diameter scalloped circle
Tomatoes- 4 half small half circles
Meat- 4 small half circles
Cheese- 6 tiny strips

Taco Clutch Assembly:

Place yellow felt (taco shell) on top of the green felt (lettuce).

Fold back half of the yellow felt and arrange the toppings like shown above.

Repeat "topping "arrangement on the other half of the taco and 
secure all pieces using your hot glue gun.

Now that you have a taco, attach your zipper (this is the tricky part). Glue zipper (right side facing up) along the edge of the green felt using your glue gun, make sure your zipper is closed. Once you're finished gluing the zipper on half of the taco, open the zipper. Glue along the edge of the other half of the green felt. Trim off any excess material.

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