DIY Felt Cactus & Succulent Valentines

You don't need a green thumb to keep these plants around.These felt cactus & succulent valentines are utterly adorable and you can keep them around even after Valentine's day. They make a fun & colorful addition to any room and you can't kill them!

Stuff You'll Need:

Make a template of a cactus and hoya succulent. Cut out two layers of felt with your cactus template. Sew all the way around your shape with a needle & thread, leaving the bottom open. Fill with batting material and stitch the opening closed. Use embroidery floss to make knots and cut off the ends for the "needle" detail. You can make a little flower or heart for added cuteness- just use a little hot glue to attach it to your cactus. For the "heart-shaped" or hoya succulent, cut out two layers of felt with your template. Glue both pieces together with hot glue. Place your cactus and succulent in your tiny pots then fill them with colorful rocks. You can also make fun little flags out of toothpicks and paper and write fun messages on them. 

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