DIY Hand Warmers

Need something to keep you warm during the chilly months ahead? These rice-filled hand warmers are just the ticket! They're perfect for dog walkers or when spending time at the park with the kids. To activate the hand warmers, simply pop it into the microwave for 20-30 seconds to warm the rice and place it in your pocket until you're ready to use it. They also make the perfect Valentine's gifts!

Stuff You'll Need:
- felt or fabric scraps
- scissors
- needle & thread
- rice
- funnel

1. Cut out 2 hearts (or whatever shape you'd like) out of felt or fabric.
2. Hand stitch along the heart keeping the stitch small so the rice doesn't fall out. Leave a little opening to fill the heart with rice.
3. Use a funnel to fill the heart with rice then stitch the opening closed.

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