DIY Color-Block Noodle Necklaces

My daughter has been into accessories lately. Sunglasses, headbands, and especially necklaces! If it's shiny or colorful, she's all over it! So I thought, "let's make necklaces!" But it has to be toddler-friendly- which means cheap and non-toxic. These diy color-block noodle necklaces are super easy to make, inexpensive and make quite the fashion statement. I totally would rock these! Move over Tiffany's!

Stuff You'll Need:
- rigatoni noddles ( Market Pantry, Target)
- paints in various colors (Handmade Modern, Target)
- painter's tape
- wax paper
- scissors
- paint brush
- white hemp cord

Let's Play!
1. Take one rigatoni and wrap half of the noodle with painter's tape. I did this with 10 noodles.
2. Paint your noddles! Set painted noddles on wax paper and allow to dry completely.

3. Once your painted noodles have dried, gently remove painter's tape.
4. String noodles on cord- make sure the necklace is long enough to go over your child's head.

5. Tie a knot at the top of the necklace.

And bam! You got yourself a necklace. I think I'm ready for cocktails now!

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