DIY Mini Heart Pinatas

What's not to love about little heart pinatas? Fill them with candy for the perfect Valentine or 
use them as festive party accessories! 

Stuff You'll Need:
- a cereal box
- tape
- scissors or fringe scissors (optional)
- tissue paper
- glue stick

Let's Play!
1. Cut out two heart shapes out of the cereal box plus two 2-3 inch wide pieces.

2. Start assembling your heart- this requires a lot of tape and patience.

3. Cover heart with tissue then glue onto heart using a glue stick. 
Attach ribbon to the top of  the heart with tape.

4. Start layering your fringed tissue (that you cut ahead of time) with glue, working from the bottom up and leaving the fringes free from glue. Repeat on the other side then trim around the edges to 
make the heart shape prominent.


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