DIY Baby Flower Crown

Stuff You'll Need:
*Note: When choosing your flowers, go for the smaller ones. They may look small at the store but, they'll be huge on your baby's head.
Let's Play!

Step 1.
Wrap your floral wire once around your baby’s head for size (loosely) and continue to wrap the excess. (You can also use a piece of string to measure.) Now you have your base.

Step 2.
Strip the flowers down so that they are a single stem. Arrange the flowers the way you might like them to lay on flower crown.

Step 3.
 Start on one side and wrap the floral tape around the stem. Continue laying down your flowers & wrapping as you go. Trim the ends using your wire cutters (I used my pliers to crimp any loose wires) & re-wrapped any exposed wire ends. Lots of floral tape is necessary for your baby’s delicate head. 

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