DIY Dory Wristlet

"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming"...
with this diy no-sew Dory wristlet.

Stuff You'll Need:
- (2) 9x9 blue felt sheets 
- navy, yellow, white & black felt (Dory's features)
- fabric glue 
- pen
- scissors
- black ribbon

1. Print out a Dory template (I found several online). Cut Dory's body out of the (2) blue felt sheets using your template.

2. Cut Dory's features out of felt: navy and yellow for fin, tail & mouth, white & black for the eyes.

3. Attach all pieces with fabric glue. Place this piece on top of the other Dory body cut out. Glue along the edge with fabric glue leaving about a 1/4" seam. Make sure you leave a little opening at the top so you can put your stuff inside the bag. Attach some black ribbon with fabric glue at the base of the tail.

** This blog does not endorse Disney. Any ideas or instructions for diy products are for personal use only and not for distribution.**

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